Episode 62: What's Your Excuse?


18 March 2024

17 mins 23 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Have you ever noticed that the word "excuse" has grown a very negative connotation? It's far too easy to internalize the idea that we should be in our languages all the time, every spare moment of every day, and if we aren't, then whatever the reason, it's "just an excuse." While perhaps once intended to motivate, this phrase and similar others more often lead to guilt and shame, leaving us farther from our goals instead of closer to them.

In today's episode I talk about the word "excuse," its negative undertone, and do by best to remind you that your excuses are valid. They are, in fact, excusable. There are an infinite number of reasons we have for not studying our languages or immersing in our languages every single day, even if we do find 15 minutes of space. No matter your level, no matter how long your pause, and no matter your reason, phrases like, "There are no excuses," only seek to blame and shame. But really, blame and shame have no space in language learning, and honestly in life. They don't motivate. They don't inspire. And they certainly don't validate the reality of our everyday lives.

So listen in if you're tired of feeling the heavy burden of "excuses," and see how you can change your inner dialogue to give yourself some grace and get back into spending time with your languages in a more joyful and accepting way.

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