Episode 63: Trust (but Verify) Your Language Knowledge


25 March 2024

11 mins 14 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Do you find that you doubt yourself way more than you believe in yourself when it comes to your language knowledge and skills? I certainly do, and it isn't always warranted. No matter your level, I think we can all find a balance in our language lives where we can trust what we know and also take time to verify when we come across something in the language that doesn't seem right.

The thing is, all language resources have mistakes and/or language variance. Textbooks have printing errors, tutors and teachers also make mistakes, and then there are just differences in how languages are spoken within various regions or spans of time. When we come across these things, if we immediately doubt ourselves and doubt our abilities, then it just makes our learning journey more difficult and much less joyful. I think we can find a sweet spot where we trust the "pros" but also trust ourselves.

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