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About the show

Love, Joy, and Languages is a podcast where you can learn about language learning; supporting your children in their language journeys; and overcoming the many challenges faced by adult language learners, parents raising multilingual children, and expat language learners. I sit at the intersection of these three worlds, and I want to share my own journey navigating this crossroads while inviting you to discover your own, unique language learning journey.

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  • Episode 55: What Really Matters?

    25 September 2023  |  Season 3  |  11 mins 17 secs

    Talking about how this one question, "What really matters?" helps me re-evaluate, reprioritize, and readjust my expectations of what gets done, especially in busy times. With so many languages I want to learn and so many language activities I want to do each day, it's easy to slip into all-or-nothing and other destructive patterns or negative thoughts. "What really matters?" is a question that has recently become my antidote to that negativity and gets me on a better path.

  • Episode 54: How Language Learning Is Making Me A Better Parent

    18 September 2023  |  Season 3  |  32 mins 35 secs

    Talking about how wisdom I've gained through language learning is helping to make me a better parent. Language learning was the first area of my life where I learned how to respond instead of react, be flexible in how I approach the challenges, adapt my tools and methods as my languages advance, and figure out a healthy way to deal with mistakes. Each of these things, and so many more, are skills I've been able to directly apply to my parenting life.

  • Episode 53: A Note on Building Habits & Routines

    11 September 2023  |  Season 3  |  20 mins 33 secs

    Talking about the difference between habits and routines, why this may matter to you, and how I started working to change my mindset away from the all-or-nothingness that was running my habit-building mentality and shifted to a bit-by-bit routine-making plan

  • Episode 52: Learning, Improving, and Teaching...Deutsch mit Kris

    4 September 2023  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 4 mins

    A chat with the lovely Kris from Deutsch mit Kris. In this interview, Kris shares her story of how she got into the German language as a high school student from the Southern United States, the struggles she had as an advanced academic learner of the language still unable to speak it, and what she's done to not only overcome huge hurdles but also create a course to help others do the same.

  • Episode 51: Set Yourself Up For Seeing Your Progress

    28 August 2023  |  Season 3  |  21 mins 1 sec

    Sharing some tips for how to create benchmarks along your language journey to guarantee that your future self will see, recognize, and believe that you're making progress.

  • Episode 50: Listening, Speaking, and Overstimulation

    14 August 2023  |  Season 3  |  14 mins 56 secs

    Sharing some thoughts on one obstacle to filling my day with listening and speaking time -- overstimulation. As a mom of two young kids and the wife of an extrovert who loves noise around him all the time, my mental and emotional energy often get zapped quickly in a day because of all the noise and touch and lights and mess around me. It really affects the choices I make in a day, including what I listen to or how much I speak, which affects my language time.

  • Episode 49: Good Advice Gone Wrong: Move to a Country of Your TL

    7 August 2023  |  Season 3  |  25 mins 10 secs

    This is the third episode of "Good Advice Gone Wrong," a segment in which I highlight some good language learning advice that can also go wrong. There are countless methods for learning a language, and I believe all of them are good, but they aren't all good for everyone. Instead of just giving language learning advice, this recurring segment focuses on reasons specific pieces of language advice may not work for everyone. I also brainstorm some ideas for how we can mold the advice and shape it into something that does work for us, hoping to inspire you to discover your own creative, personalized language journey.

  • Episode 48: Heritage Language Preservation - Interview with Dr. Veronica Benavides

    31 July 2023  |  Season 3  |  48 mins 23 secs

    Interview with Dr. Veronica Benavides, founder and CEO of The Language Preservation Project and host of Talking to Grandma Podcast. Veronica is a heritage Spanish speaker who was raised in the U.S. speaking almost exclusively English. She shares her journey to finding passion and connection in her heritage language, as well as how she is now raising her children in Spanish as part of a multilingual/multicultural family. This is an episode you truly won't want to miss!

  • Episode 47: 20-Minute Language Time Placeholder

    24 July 2023  |  Season 3  |  24 mins 26 secs

    Need some accountability in your study time? That's what today is all about. This is an episode dedicated to encouraging you to spend some time in your languages while also giving you that time.

  • Episode 46: Back to the Beginning

    17 July 2023  |  Season 3  |  25 mins 43 secs

    After two and a half years of learning German, I decided to start over. I went back to the beginning of my resources, and I'm going through them all a second time. Listen in to hear why I decided to start over. what it means for my time spent with German, and what I'm gaining from this project.

  • Episode 45: Give an Immediate Boost to Your Conversation Practice

    10 July 2023  |  Season 3  |  11 mins 55 secs

    Sharing my list of words and phrases that I often say in English during other-language conversation lessons. Making this list was an excellent reminder to me to stay in the language of the conversation, immediately boosting my fluidity and contact with the language.

  • Episode 44: Language & Cultural Identity - Interview with Urmi Hossain

    3 July 2023  |  Season 3  |  48 mins 53 secs

    Sharing an interview with Urmi Hossain, a polyglot, author, YouTuber, and a woman empowering and inspiring others. Urmi shares her history of language learning, which began in childhood as she grew up in Italy with Bengali heritage.

  • Episode 43: Language Learning Jealousy

    26 June 2023  |  Season 3  |  25 mins 42 secs

    Jealousy. It sucks. In this episode, I give a bit of the darker parts of my youth as an extremely jealous person and explore how that has affected me as a language learner, even though I healed my toxic jealousy long before beginning languages. I talk about comparison as a gateway to jealousy, but it's important to note that comparisons are part of human nature, so I think it's valuable to reframe them instead of beating ourselves up over making them.

  • Episode 42: 3 Quick Tips For Getting Unstuck In Your Languages

    19 June 2023  |  Season 3  |  11 mins 47 secs

    Sharing my top tips for what to do when you feel stuck in your languages. It's totally normal to reach a point where you don't know where to go next or what to do, and you feel like your learning is getting stagnant. There are so many creative ways to overcome this, so I want to share my favorites in today's episode.

  • Episode 41: The Value of Not Finishing

    12 June 2023  |  Season 3  |  34 mins 2 secs

    I'm back with Season 3 of Love, Joy, and Languages! Starting off this season with a deep discussion about finishing resources. Or, more specifically, about focusing on finishing rather than on content and progression. I talk about my history of feeling a need to finish every single resource I started, how that led to avoidance and stress, and what I did to change my mentality.

  • Episode 40: Celebrating Your Wins!

    13 February 2023  |  Season 2  |  25 mins 30 secs

    Sharing language learning wins submitted by listeners across the globe. Understanding and enjoying content in new languages, making friends through language exchanges, successful conversation practice, speaking progress, starting a new language, returning to a beloved's all here, and I'm celebrating every success story!