Episode 15: Language Learning on Vacation


13 June 2022

11 mins 44 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this episode, I talk about 5 language learning activities that I tend to do while on vacation. While I absolutely don't advocate "the grind" or doing intensive language learning tasks every day without a break, language-related activities are a part of my daily life that relax me. They ground me, and they help me recharge and reset. So for me, touching my languages daily is still part of my holiday time because it supports my relaxation. During vacation time, I don't stress about doing specific language activities, feel obligated to do them, or guilty if I don't do them, but if this isn't for you, don't worry! Enjoy your vacation and down time, taking complete breaks from all language things as needed for your life.

While on vacation, I tend to still use language apps daily because a 5-10 minute session of practicing vocab or sentence structure keeps my brain sharp and allows me to disconnect from the high energy my kids bring to our travels. Reading for pleasure in my target languages often comes up while on vacation. From magazines to social media posts, I love this connection to my languages no matter where I am. Listening to music and podcasts in Italian or German are so ingrained in my daily life that they naturally find their way to me on vacation. I also often send audio messages to friends in Italian while on vacation because I've finally slowed down enough to take time and make those important connections. And not always, but sometimes I even sent text messages in my target languages or write out my vacation grocery list in German as we travel. Even these small things count for me because it's all about connection. Connecting to my languages is one of the most therapeutic things I do.

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