Episode 26: Your Most Limited Resource


24 October 2022

6 mins 45 secs

Season 2

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this episode, I talk about limited resources in language learning. No matter what language you're learning, resources directly related to learning or acquiring the language are limited (even if it seems overwhelmingly the opposite). No matter our life situation, we all have limited time, money, energy, motivation, and so on. The interesting thing about these resources, however, is that when we're low on one, we can usually work around that limitation. Podcasts, YouTube, and public libraries are just a few examples of things language learners can use when low on money. If we're low on time, we can double up on tasks by listening to a podcast or audiobook in our target language while cleaning house. Even if we're low on energy, we can listen to calming music in our new language while taking a hot bath. Language learners are very creative, and finding ways to work with limited resources is our specialty.

But there's still one resource I don't think we consider often enough, and I believe it's the most limited resource for each of us. And this resource (which I won't spoil in the description here) is one that can't be navigated around. It can't be outsourced in any way. Think you've figured out what it is? Listen in to see if you agree and to hear my thoughts on what we can do to preserve our most precious, limited resource while also getting the most out of it.