Episode 37: Celebrating My 3-Year Soberversary (And What That Even Has To Do With Languages)


23 January 2023

28 mins 2 secs

Season 2

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In today's episode, I share a bit of the more personal parts of my life. Last week I celebrated three years of sobriety, and while it may not be obvious how this ties into language learning, I can say that the link between these two things is very strong for me. I can say for sure that my early experiences learning Italian while living in Italy had a strong impact on my self-doubt, which had a strong impact on how much and how often I drank in order to escape the stress and pressure I put on myself, the raw feelings of vulnerability and failure, and so much negative self-talk. And I can say for sure that how much and how often I drank had a strong negative impact on my language learning because, while I was trying to escape my negative thoughts, I also escaped the positive ones, and I masked the joy of progress I was making and the pride of what I was accomplishing in my language.

So this soberversary was a perfect time for me to reflect on the things that contributed to my downward spiral, with both alcohol and languages, and what I've done to start creating a life from which I don't want to escape. It's not a far stretch for me to see similarities between my journey to and through sobriety and my language learning journey, and some of the tools I used to get and stay sober have also worked for helping me improve my mentality about languages.

Thank you for listening to this vulnerable yet uplifting episode. I hope you get something out of it and are more inspired to create a joyful life for yourself with languages and beyond.

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