Episode 39: A Joyful Chat with a Special Guest Co-Host


6 February 2023

1 hr 2 mins 28 secs

Season 2

Your Hosts

About this Episode

I invited a very special language learning friend to co-host this episode with me and chat all about the joys of language learning. By now you're probably familiar with my Italian teacher, Kenny from Something Polyglot, and it was an absolute pleasure to speak with him about loving languages and finding joy in learning them.

Learning a language is a long road, and there are so many challenges along the way, but something that keeps us in the language learning world is all the joy we find in the process. I hope you enjoy listening into my discussion with Kenny, and I hope it reminds you of all the exciting things you find in your own language life.

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Kenny can also be found at:
Something Polyglot website
Instagram: @something.polyglot
Twitter: @Kenny_DB1983

Where to find me:
Love, Joy, and Languages Blog
Instagram: @love.joyandlanguages
X (Twitter): @LoveJoy_Lang

All episodes of the show can be found at www.lovejoyandlanguagespodcast.com.

Other Links
Language TV Club, mentioned in our chat