Episode 53: A Note on Building Habits & Routines


11 September 2023

20 mins 33 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

In today's episode I'm talking about building habits and routines. This all started with me wanting to make a habit out of going to the library every week with my kids, getting books, and reading them. Sounds simple, right? But after a few weeks of the kids complaining and us bringing home books that were then never opened, I started to feel like this was a useless endeavor. I was clearly failing at such a simple activity, so I might as well just give up.

This all-or-nothing thinking doesn't work for me anymore, though, so I gave it some thought and identified what was really going on, and it all came down to expectations I had that were rooted in the word "habit." So today I talk about the difference between habits and routines and why that could be important to your mindset. I share how I've worked to turn this library and reading thing into a whole process that, little-by-little, is actually working for us to do the thing that I've desired to repetitively and frequently do for so long.

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