Episode 57: Multitasking or Monotasking?


9 October 2023

29 mins 39 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Today I'm talking about multitasking and monotasking. Multitasking, for me, is becoming something that really stresses me out. More often than not, I make mistakes and have to redo something, get easily distracted and frustrated, or completely forget what I'm doing. Multitasking affects our language learning not only when we're trying to do multiple language things at once, but also because all parts of our lives come together to affect each other. Every area of our lives that's vying for our time, attention, and thoughts, affects all other areas.

So today I'm breaking down the ways in which I find myself multitasking, share how they affect my language progress, and talk a bit about what I'm trying to do to be more mindful in my language life...and all other parts of my life. Multitasking certainly has its place in life, and it isn't always bad. But being aware of the potential negative consequences and knowing how it makes us feel or negatively impacts our progress is the first step to creating a joyful language experience.

Links from this episode:
The Language Confidence Project, S1E18: Eliminate the monor irritations, by Emily Richardson of The Language Confidence Project (<- check out her website because her work is awesome, she has so much to offer, and she's networking with language learners and teachers to grow her business...this is a much-needed effort in language spaces!)

E50 - Listening, Speaking, and Overstimulation - Love, Joy, and Languages (link to Spotify)

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