Episode 66: Manifesting in Language Learning w/Angel Pretot of French Fluency


15 April 2024

58 mins 28 secs

Season 4

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Manifesting. Some people love it. Some people believe it's hogwash. Wherever you stand, the truth remains that our actions lead to consequences. When our actions are in line with our goals (something that takes conscious awareness and intention), then the consequences will be in line with our desires. So it makes sense that our actions that are aligned with our language goals will lead to the language results we want.

This is exactly what we're talking about today. I am delighted to share this conversation I had with French language coach Angel Pretot of French Fluency. I first learned of Angel’s work in an interview he had with Lindsay Williams of Lindsay Does Languages (linked below), and this led me to Angel’s work guiding French learners to fluency with manifestation. While there are many, many different explanations and thoughts about what manifesting is and how it works, there are also many misconceptions about it, as well, especially when it comes to language learning. Because, really, I don’t hear a lot of people in language learning spaces talking about manifesting and how we can use the power of our brains to bring the language to us and to align ourselves better with our language goals.

Despite what some people think, manifesting in language learning is not simply thinking your language into existence. I need to say this because I know it's a very common misconception. And that’s why I wanted to bring Angel onto the show to break this all down for us, talk about what manifesting is and how we can harness it to take inspired action in our language lives that leads to the language outcomes we desire. Angel shares some very practical tips for how you can strengthen your language learning by implementing manifesting techniques to unlock the power of your brain to consciously work for you and lead you to your language learning goals faster and more enjoyably.

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