Episode 70: A Polyglot's Journey of Discovery, Struggle, and Finding His Way - Interview with Polyglot Kuba


20 May 2024

1 hr 6 mins 43 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

In today's episode I'm chatting with my dear friend, Kuba, a polyglot and passionate language learner who has a fascinating history with languages. As a native Polish speaker, Kuba learned Spanish and English in school, Hungarian at University and through immersion, and Catalan through immersion before diving into a world of self-study. After becoming a polyglot in this way then dabbling in many languages for several years, Kuba started learning Turkish and realized that it wasn't as easy as his previous languages. He knew he could learn it because he'd learned so many languages before, but he struggled in a very unexpected way.

Join Kuba and me today as we explore language curiosity, frustrations, and expectations. We dive into beliefs and doubts, avoiding and changing focus languages, goals versus projects, immersion and the weight of learning a language. Kuba brings so much experience and depth to conversations about languages, and what he brings is so much more than simple, cursory tips and tricks of what's worked for him. His openness about his struggles, especially while already being a polyglot and already having multiple fluent languages, is insightful, inspiring, and something from which I think each one of us can learn.

Connect with Kuba here: Instagram: @langatu_
X (Twitter): @kubacki__

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