Episode 74: Authenticity as a Language Content Creator w/Emily Harris


8 July 2024

50 mins 32 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Today's episode is not to be missed! I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Emily Harris, the language loving woman behind Language Travel Adoptee, a YouTube channel aimed at helping others gain confidence in their language learning through self awareness and personal growth. Emily shares a lot of her own personal experiences learning languages as a high achieving perfectionist, a transracial adoptee learning the language of her birth country, and all the very intricate intersections of her life. Today we focus a lot on authenticity in language learning, but particularly from the aspect of content creation in a world like YouTube where content is often tailored toward clicks and likes and less about the authentic reality of oneself.

It was so good to finally get to sit down with Emily and talk about some of the harder things many of us face in our language lives. She and I share many similarities in the history of our personalities and mindset, as well as similarities in our growth stories through navigating language learning in a holistic way. Don't miss the links below, where you can find and connect with Emily.

Connect with Emily:
Emily's Newsletter: Language Travel Adoptee
Emily's YouTube: Language Travel Adoptee
Emily's Podcast: Language Wellness and Identity Podcast
Instagram: @languagetraveladoptee
X (Twitter): @LangTravAdoptee

Other content mentioned in this episode:
How to Learn a Language, Lindsay Williams of Lindsay Does Languages
The Language Confidence Project, by Emily Richardson
Shhh, I'm Learning!, by Martha Summerlin
Burt Goldman and Quantum Jumping

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