Episode 8: Good Enough Language Learning


18 April 2022

21 mins 12 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this episode, I talk about my discovery of "good enough" language learning and how it led me to identify, accept, and appreciate the entire process of language learning in all its intricate moments. By focusing on communication as the goal of language, we're better equipped to settle on a good enough way of expressing ourselves in our target languages according to each situation, our current level, and our mental energy. Finding contentment -- being good enough now -- at each level along our language journeys is beneficial to making progress toward the next level, and it becomes a less stressful, more enjoyable process. Sometimes, setting "good enough" goals is the key to making progress toward bigger goals. If you're like me, and you often set goals that don't reasonably take into account your actual time, motivation, and energy level, then thinking about what's good enough may help you focus better and move forward without worrying about the bigger, long-term goals. Thinking about what's good enough for you at each level of language acquisition, in each situation of using your target language, and for your desires of your language journey is an excellent way to reduce language overwhelm, focus on growth, and find contentment and pride in yourself as a language learner.

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