Episode 3: My Story, Part 3, The Perfectionist


14 March 2022

31 mins 47 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this episode, I talk about my history as a perfectionist, which goes back to early childhood. I explore some of the ways perfectionism has shown up in my language learning experiences and how it led to language learning behaviors that slowed down my progress. Some of these perfectionist tendencies -- like procrastination and avoidance or all-or-nothing thinking -- led to a very rigid way of learning, which felt restrictive and frustrating. But the restrictive tendencies were symptoms of my perfectionism, and once I decided to face that root cause of my restrictive tendencies, I started making real, sustainable progress. Here, I bring a couple of my top tips for combatting perfectionist tendencies in language learning so you can start brainstorming new ideas for how to work around your own prohibitive tendencies. Get to know me as a perfectionist language learner in the final piece to my introduction story in Love, Joy, and Languages.