Episode 4: Considering Other Aspects of Life for Language Learning


21 March 2022

30 mins 6 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this episode, I talk about all-or-nothing thinking and how this perfectionist tendency has shown up in so many areas of my life, including language learning. From cleaning house (or not) to working out (or not), an all-or-nothing mentality is at the core of when and how I do these things and whether or not I do them at all. I discuss why this way of thinking prevents me from getting things done and can lead to negative self-talk and a defeated mindset. I talk about small changes I've made in how I approach simple chores or activities I enjoy, which have begun to change how I think about those things, less restricted by the all-or-nothing thinking. Bringing this exposure to flexibility in accomplishing everyday tasks has made it easier for me to work in this way as a language learner. No longer believing that study time must be a solid hour studying vocab and grammar with a textbook, for example, has better postured me to study more throughout the day and consider all the things I'm actually doing with my languages that didn't feel like "studying" in the past. As a busy mother, expat, and student during the pandemic, it hasn't been easy to find time for the language learning things I want to do. But learning to identify and work against this ingrained pull toward all-or-nothing has made so much difference in how I learn languages (and accomplish other things), as well as in how I now see and celebrate my language progress along the way.

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